Abundant Church - Alton

Sacrifice of Many

August 13, 2023 Abundant Life Community Church
Abundant Church - Alton
Sacrifice of Many
Show Notes

Lead Pastor, Joe Banks talks through Matthew 16:13-18 where Jesus tells Peter about building the Church. Jesus wasn't talking about a building, He was talking about the gathering of people. Church was never meant to be just a consumer driven place.

Our purpose is NOT to:
1. Be a “spiritual clinic” where people check in and out.
2. Build the best “brand”.
3. Bring attention, fame, or recognition to any one or more persons.

We will gather to:
1. Experience God’s presence together.
2. Be taught and trained according to God’s Word.
3. Be empowered by His Spirit for the Work of the ministry.

Watch the message at: https://abundant.church/resources/sermons/