Abundant Church - Alton

Seed & Soil

June 05, 2023 Abundant Life Community Church
Abundant Church - Alton
Seed & Soil
Show Notes

Guest speaker, Steven Evans shares a parable from Luke 8. Jesus wasn't talking about dirt and seeds in his message, he was relating a parallel story that concealed and revealed.

There were four types of soil in this parable.

  1. The Seed got trampled on the foot path.
  2. The Soil was thin and dry.
  3. The Seed got choked out by thorns and weeds.
  4. The Seed and soil were optimal and thrived.

Take away:

  1. Pain and abuse can knock people down and make them guarded.
  2. Some people come to faith, but don't get grounded in God's Word so they don't learn and grow.
  3. Some get so busy that they don't make time for God so they are spiritually weak.
  4. Even messed up people can thrive and be fruitful in their faith.

Watch the message at: https://abundant.church/resources/sermons/