Abundant Church - Alton

RIVALS: Frenemies

October 11, 2022
Abundant Church - Alton
RIVALS: Frenemies
Show Notes

Pastor Chilly talks about how we struggle with our own ignorance and prejudices and forget to LOVE PEOPLE. If you respond with love you are able to show compassion. It takes courage to go beyond your religion, habits, and opinions to live, "EVERY DAY JESUS."

Here's how, according to Jesus in Luke 10:26-35:

  1. Refuse to look away.
  2. Figure out your feelings.
  3. Process from your knees.
  4. Don't let 'germs' get in your way.
  5. Fight being annoyed by inconvenience.
  6. Pay ANY price to be like Jesus!
  7. When love is the motivation, you won't skimp.

Watch the message at: https://abundant.church/resources/sermons/